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What to bring on club drives . . . .

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What to bring on club drives . . . .

Post by Max on Sun Oct 04, 2009 1:40 pm

So you want to go on a club drive and you don't know what to bring?

Ok, make sure you bring your MINI. While it isn't mandatory it's probably a good idea so that you will look like part of the group. We are a MINI car club after all. What's that you say? You don't have a MINI? There are always "lone drivers" so, ask if anyone is driving alone and wants some company. Even if you have a MINI and don't want to drive alone there is probably a good chance someone else feels the same way.

On club drives we like to have 2 way radios in most of the cars. Especially with larger groups it helps when traffic lights and other traffic break up the group. Radios are also useful to ask questions along the route or if you would like a rest stop.
We like to use GMRS radios. They have a longer range. Most club members already have a pair of GMRS radios. So, if you don't have one someone will probably loan you one for the day. Please try to remember to return it at the end of the drive.
Bottom line . . . don't worry. If you have a 2 way radio, bring it. If not, no big deal. We will make sure you are near a driver that does.

Note: Some people have the rather popular FRS radios. If you have those bring them. They have a much shorter range than GMRS radios but are still useful. If enough FRS radios are present at a drive we can switch to those frequencies.

Bringing beverages is always a good idea. It tends to get warm here in New Mexico.

Snacks for the drive? Why not? We usually try to plan a meal stop on the longer trips but snacks are always a good idea.

Having a map in your car is always a good idea.

A GPS is a good idea but there are times when twisty little roads are not on the GPS.

Having a camera is a good idea. We see lots of interesting and scenic places along the way. Plus your MINI will probably enjoy posing for a few shots.

A jacket?? Why not? It might get cold.

Make sure you check the trip topics for more information on specific items to bring. The trip organizers can help you there. Contact them with specific questions.

Most of all bring a desire to explore, adventure, laugh, and have a great time playing with your car!


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Re: What to bring on club drives . . . .

Post by BHunter54 on Sat Apr 17, 2010 11:26 am

At some point in the near future I plan to upgrade a GMRS radio. Anyone have a brand, model, or any other kind of features to look for that they would recommend?

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Re: What to bring on club drives . . . .

Post by Max on Sat Apr 17, 2010 9:06 pm

I Have a Garmin Rino (yes, I spelled that right). It's a handheld GPS that includes GMRS and FMS radios along with a weather radio. I originally got it for Geocaching. It also has position reporting to other Rino radios. Kinda cool.

I remember that Icom radios were rather popular with club members. Perhaps a bit spendy. You could probably find a good deal on a GMRS on eBay. If you go with a rechargeable radio make sure it has both a house and car charger.

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Re: What to bring on club drives . . . .

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